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Concrete Sand 


C-33 Sand 

C-33 Concrete/Septic Sand, commonly known as concrete sand, is used more towards construction applications and for the production of various products like patio and cinder blocks.  This variety of sand is also used to produce concrete and as traction control during the winter in colder temperatures.

C-33 approved concrete sand can be specifically used for spec jobs such as septic systems that require this rating. This sand is tested and approved in a lab to ensure it's of the highest quality. This kind of sand allows for better drainage. It is essential this sand is graded properly or else the system could fail in the future.


Be aware of using manufactured sand. Manufactured sand is made by crushing stone into smaller particles. It should only be used for compacting purposes and should never be used for septic systems, beaches, or anywhere else where drainage is important.

Concrete Sand

Concrete sand is mixed with smaller stone fragments and works best when used with cement. 

In general, concrete sand is used with asphalt products. Concrete sand is naturally occurring which makes it great for filtration. Below is our list of uses for concrete sand. If you want to learn more about application or uses, check out this page for more in-depth tutorials!

  • Mixed with cement

  • Used to level land

  • Walkways

  • Used with concrete blocks / paving stone

  • Septic systems


Areas Served 

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