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River Rock

We take pride in providing the highest quality river rock on the east coast.  Our premium river rocks have a smooth,  polished-like texture that is admired and loved by stone lovers across the country.  These decorative rocks are our best selling product.  


Use these river rocks to create a beautiful outline of your pool, or the perfect 

entrance to your business.  Our river rocks are easy to walk on and cause no pain to your feet.  


When wet, the color of our river rounds is magnificent!  We have a large stockpile and offer year round delivery of any size that is needed.  The mix of colors and shapes is simply unmatched.  

Most Popular Varieties


5/16" Pea-stone to 10" Stone 

Bulk Quarry Direct-Wholesale pricing


5/16" Pea-stone to 2" Stone

Bulk Quarry Direct-Wholesale pricing

Cape Cod River Rock.jpg

3/8" Pea-stone to 3" Stone

Quarry Direct-Wholesale pricing

Palletized River Rock

New England River Rock™ Palletized for customer convenience 

3_4_ Wet Ocean Pebbles.jpg

Bayside Skimmer™

3/8", 3/4" and 1-2" tan stone

Quarry Direct-Wholesale pricing.


Brown and tan 1" or 2-4" round stone that is always in stock

Other Varieties


The nicest river rock in the world. Straight from the glaciers with intense reds, purples and greens


White River Rock, including the Sought after "goose eggs".


Beautiful blend of colors, mined in the North East


3/8" Peastone to 5Stone

Quarry Direct-Wholesale pricing.


White colored round stone from rivers near the Gulf of Mexico.


Tan colored river rock found deep in the blue ridge mountains with sizes available up to 18".

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