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Cement Paving

Construction Aggregates 

Aggregates are used by people who work in construction or landscaping. In simple terms, it is defined as small-medium fine crushed material. Aggregates can be used as a base to mix concretes. 

We offer 5 different types of aggregates.

  1. Crushed Stone

  2. Process / Crusher Run

  3. Sand

  4. Fill

  5. Millings


Sand is the most consumed natural resource on the planet besides water. In 2019, the construction industry used more than 50 billion tons of this high demand resource. This has caused companies like our own to become creative and innovative in efficient forms of transporting high quantities of various sand products throughout the United States. Sand is used in almost every product, however the main use for our customers is concrete, asphalt , septic systems, paving stones and beaches.

What we offer: 

  • Concrete Sand

  • Dead/Pool Sand

  • C-33 Septic Sand

  • Mason Sand

  • Beach Sand

  • Industrial/Commercial Sand


Crushed Stone 

We offer a wide variety of crushed stone products. Crushed Stone is often used as a cheap material for many applications including drainage, driveways, concrete pad preparation, backyard shed bases and much more.

The products shown below are not true trap rock. We carry true trap rock to engineer specifications and can provide this if required for spec jobs. We also offer washed crushed stone products if interested for a small additional charge.


Stone Dust

3/4" Crushed Stone

3/8" Crushed Stone

1-1/4" Crushed Stone

1/2" Crushed Stone 

Standard Rip Rap 18-30"

2" Crushed Stone

Modified Rip Rap 6-10"

Intermediate Rip Rap 6-10"



Process, or as some call it "Crusher Run", is composed of crushed stone and stone dust. Process is used as a compaction material for applications like road base, parking lot and driveway base, under paving stones, retaining walls and concrete forms. We have material that can offer a 100% compaction rating if required by an engineer.

3/4" Process

1-1/4" Process

3-1/2" Road Base Process



Fill is a very common and cheap product that is used to fill voids or level out slopes that require a huge amount of material to bring an area to a level height. Some common uses would be leveling out a back or front yard and even building new roads that require major site construction.

We offer 3 main types of fill:

  • Clean Fill

  • Rocky Fill

  • Screened Fill



Millings are made by grinding the top layer of asphalt off of streets being prepared for paving. Screened millings make a fantastic product for long driveways that would be too expensive for most homeowners to pave. Millings are best used when purchased fresh from jobs that took place within a year from application. For the best results you should spread, grade and roll them during the hot summer months so the oils can bind together and harden in place.

We offer two types of millings, unscreened and screened. 

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