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 Mulch simply cannot withstand the harsh East Coast weather. Conditions can range from 20+ below to 120 Degrees in the matter of weeks. This causes you're mulch to become frail, dry, dull in color, and or swept away. The intelligent financial decision is decorative stone. Landscaping stone will not become frail or dry and maintains the original color forever. It will not be swept away by rain like pieces of bark products. Our Newport River Rock as well as our multi colored crushed stone provide a beautiful accent to every layout. We have over 20 shapes, sizes and colors! Don't see what your looking for? Give us a call! We will help you find it. 

We can remove your mulch and install your choice of discount decorative stone wherever and whenever you want it done! Whether it is Newport River Rock or one of our other varieties that we wholesale, we will take care of it.  This will reduce the time you spend maintaining your parking lot islands and flower beds that are traditionally spread full with mulch yearly. 


Additionally we have packages that include simple maintenance of your stone landscape twice a year. This will ensure a completely weed free environment year round, keeping a professional look to your storefront.


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