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3/8" Stone: Crushed Vs. Pea Stone

Updated: Apr 10

3/8" stone has become increasingly more popular over the years. It is a perfect size for walkways, driveways and more. Since this size has become more popular, there have been many questions surrounding it. This is our tell-all guide to 3/8" stone.

Crushed Vs. Pea Stone

If you are new to the stone world you may not know there are different kinds of stone. You may be looking for a 3/8" stone but could have different ideas in mind of what it actually looks like. You have 2 main types of stone for this size, crushed and pea stone.

Crushed stone is exactly how it sounds, crushed. It is broken up fragments of stone crushed down into a 3/8" size. This means the stone is misshaped and jagged. This stone is more neutral in color.

Pea stone or pea gravel is more rounded in shape. This stone is found naturally. Pea stone has many different colors to choose from and is often more decorative than crushed gravel.

What is Crushed Stone Used For?

Crushed stone is used mostly as an aggregate. You would use this for projects such as driveways, or as a base. Due to its jagged edges it is not often used as decoration or for walking.

What is Pea Stone Used For?

Pea stone on the other hand, is used as decoration and function. Many people use this kind of stone for walkways and playgrounds because it is softer to walk on and will not hurt your pets paws. It can also be used around gardens and flowerbeds.

Things to Consider

It is important to understand that this stone is small and can move easily. Especially with pea stone, the pieces can move around if not surrounded by an edging. If you are looking for something that falls into place and compacts you should opt for a crushed stone over a pea stone.


Now that we have given you a rundown on the two types of 3/8" stone you can make a better decision on what type of stone is right for your project. Contact your local landscape supply yards to see what color options are available in your area. If you have any questions at all our team is here to help!

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