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Comparing Flagtone to Pavers

Finding the right stone or paver for your next project critical to the overall look of your final result and could cost you thousands if not done right. When you start to shop, you will find many types of flagstone and pavers that are available now and may seem like a good fit for you.

You should consider several factors before you decide to choose the right stone product for you. You should consider your taste, all available products, and the whole design of your landscape to get the look you want the first time.

You can discuss with a designer but this can get costly. As a stone provider, we have a lot of types of products that can be used for any project in your home and can make a recommendation in house. With our years of experience selling these products, we can make the perfect suggestion that fits all of your needs.

Pavers and natural flagstone are the two most common products for driveway and veneer type projects. Before you select the best items for your needs, we’ve compared both products for you! Each product has its pros and cons that you need to know.

Natural Flagstone

Pros Many people love using natural flagstone in their properties. This type of stone is believed to be one of the most popular natural stones on the market because of the authentic and raw look. This product is suitable for people who want to have an all-natural and earthy appearance for their landscape, driveway, or commercial property.

Several types of stone can be considered as natural flagstone, including limestone, travertine, slate, bluestone, and sandstone. Each type of flagstone has its texture, color, and quality. Most flagstones are going to come in irregular shapes, so they can give an organic appearance to your landscape.


Although this natural flagstone is popular among many people, this product also has some cons that you need to know. Natural stones are usually more expensive to install and purchase than commercial products, such as pavers. It is due to the manufacturing and transportation cost that allow us to package and sell this stone to you.

Besides the price, flagstone is also more difficult for most installers to work with because they usually of the irregular shapes. These flagstones will require you to spend a lot in labor cost when installing these stones on your property.

Premade Pavers


Some popular products, such as Unilock Pavers can be used as a cheap alternative to flagstone. Pavers are popular among many people because they are more affordable and also less labor-intensive. They are going to have similar sizes and shapes, so they can be laid easily. They can set with sand and gravel. No mortar is required to install these pavers on your property.

Premade pavers also come in many different colors and appearances. Some of these products also mimic the look and appearance of the natural stone. It is very easy for you to create patterns and beautiful designs with these premade pavers.


Besides the boring and typical look, some pavers can separate when they are not treated and installed well. This may cause additional work to maintain the quality of these pavers. Some pavers may cause an uneven surface on your landscape when they are not installed properly. Weeds and grass may also grow well in the areas around your pavers.

If you are a nature-lover, you may want to avoid using premade pavers because all pavers have similar shapes and appearances. You will never be able to get an organic appearance from these pavers.


Now that we have compared both products you are ready to make the best decision for your needs. When you want to find a quality flag or wallstone for your next project, you can always contact us to inquire about our stock and recommended products. Reach out to the flagstone experts at DeFeo Materials today.

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