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Exterior Design Trends for Spring 2021!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Outdoor Patio

As we move through the winter months, it is time we all start planning ahead for the spring. 2020 brought us many unexpected changes. For what was one of the hardest years for many of us, we learned about ourselves. We learned how to stay home more, cook more, and overall became more grounded. In light of this pandemic, many of us took up new projects to renovate our homes. We have taken this situation and grown from it and discovered more about ourselves in the process.

Entering 2021, we wanted to focus on that growth and change and find new ways to renovate, innovate, and decorate our homes. Below you will find our top exterior design trends for 2021.

Neutral with a Pop

According to the Modsy 2021 trend report, we will see an increase in neutral color pallets with pops of bold rich color. This trend can not only be used in the interior of your home but with the exterior as well. We have 2 great suggestions for this trend.

For those of you who have neutral furniture we recommend making a statement with your decorative stone. Add a pop of color with our Boston Purple or Glacier River Rock blends. These stones have pops of purples that will catch the eye of anyone who sees.

For those of you with bold pieces, we recommend a more neutral earth toned stone. We suggest stones with brown and tan tones such as Winchester River Rock.


Comfort is key for 2021. If 2020 taught us anything, it is that it’s extremely important to be comfortable in not only your clothing, but in your home. When we think of comfort we think of warm whole foods. Why not bring that warmth into your design elements this year? Adding warm toned decorative stone is a great way to bring warmth into your exterior space. This year we are seeing an increase in thin veneer and flagstone. Warm browns and tans are taking over this market to decorate sides of homes, patios, and more.

Keeping Calm

With all the uneasiness we have all felt this past year, calmness is another huge trend for 2021. In 2020 we saw the beginning of this trend and it has only expanded further. An easy way to bring a calm feeling to your outdoor space is by incorporating earth elements.

Our east coast friends love incorporating colors such as blue to represent the ocean. Blue is a naturally calm color that is easy to incorporate in your exterior. Simple ways to dress up your exterior with blue would be to add blue pillows. Paint the shutters of your home. You can even add blue decorative stone.

Texture, Texture, Texture

The last exterior design trend we are seeing for the spring of 2021 is the addition of texture. Whether you side your home with veneer, add plants and stone walls throughout your property, or even add textured furniture pieces, this trend is going to become an eye catcher this year.

To recap we believe that these four elements are going to make your homes exterior pop this upcoming season.

1. Neutrals with a Pop

2. Warmth

3. Keeping Calm

4. Texture, Texture, Texture

For any of your stone needs contact the experts at DeFeo Materials.

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