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What are Bayside Skimmers?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

You may be wondering what a Bayside Skimmer rock is. For visual reference, bayside skimmers are similar to ocean pebbles. And in this article, we will be sharing with you all the information you’ll want to know about one of our most popular rocks. Listed below are the answers to questions most frequently asked by customers. Table of Contents

What color is this stone?

This stone is especially appealing because of its earthy tones. This stone can have a sandy, tan, or caramel color. While these colors aren’t gaudy, they still are guaranteed to make your property stand out. These stones can really make the difference in the visual appeal of your property.

Is this stone similar to “White River Rock?”

Bayside Skimmers can be compared to White River rocks. However, unlike White River rocks, Bayside Skimmers are more accessible, and you’ll have a much easier time finding them. Bayside Skimmers are a great replacement for White River rocks. With Bayside Skimmers, you will still get that light color and round material as you would with their White River counterparts.

What sizes do you offer?

We offer our Bayside Skimmers in two different sizes.


Out of the two sizes we offer, this is the most popular. Also known as “57s, this size’s popularity is due to its superiority especially in comparison to other ocean pebbles. This stone has a smooth texture which is unique because most ocean pebbles have a rough and coarse feel to them.


While this size is limited in availability, it’s still one of the company favorites. It has really grown in popularity these past couple of years. When compared to other ocean pebbles, you can see the stark difference in quality.

Common Applications

Bayside Skimmers are found on the coastlines of the Mid-Atlantic, so you can guess that these stones are perfect for beach-front properties. Their earthy colors really match the vibe of beach-front properties. Still, these stones are not just limited to the beach. This decorative stone is extremely popular in all property types. From commercial gardens, islands, and parking lots to residential gardens and driveways, Bayside Skimmers display a unique versatility in their visual attraction.

How Much Stone Should You Order?

Calculating just how much Bayside Skimmer stone you need for a project may seem daunting. But this process can be made much simpler if you use our project calculator. All you need to do is measure the dimensions of your space, input them into our calculator, and voila! In just those simple steps, you can calculate how many yards or tons you need. Our calculator works for any shape size including rectangular, circular, and other unique spaces. We understand that circular spaces can be intimidating to calculate. That’s why we offer this calculator to customers so that the burden can be lifted off them. The same can be said for unique spaces that have different edges than a traditional circle or rectangle. With this calculator, you can figure out the exact amount of stone you’ll need.

If you are interested in learning more about our Bayside Skimmers contact the experts at DeFeo Materials today!

If you are a homeowner interested in our products contact our team and we can direct you to the closest landscape supply yard that carries our Bayside Skimmers.

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