DeFeo Materials is ran smoothly due to our strong focus on teamwork. Using this mindset, every member of the team has a sense of pride while at work. All of our employee's actually care about their work , even Dax the dog!

Christopher DeFeo

Owner and President

Christopher has had a passion for trucks, rocks and landscaping since he was a kid. His experience includes farming in North Dakota, where he learned how to operate heavy equipment all the way to managing commercial distribution centers during major snow removal events.


 Don't let his young age fool you, operating this business is his priority and puts the reputation of DeFeo Materials before anything else. Christopher studied business management at Southern Connecticut State University and started DeFeo Materials when he was 20 years old.  


His goal is to improve this industries customer service, employee wellness and implement improved technology.

Christopher Austin

Vice President

Christopher Austin or "CJ" started with DeFeo Materials in July of 2019 where he trained for about 2 months. Since then, he has become a huge part in the day to day operations. Chris previously worked at L Catlin, AMS, and Deloitte, where he improved his research, accounting, and analytic skill. Chris also was able to work with large corporations, helping to perfect his professional manor with our corporate clients.


Before his corporate career, Chris managed a Cigar Shop, where he became an expert in sales one customer at a time.


John Mullenite

Dispatch and Sales Manager

John Mullenite has been involved with DeFeo Materials since 2017. John has an impressive resume from operating numerous earth moving equipment such as excavators, crushers, screening/crushing plants to moving all of the equipment himself with 14' wide loads. Some of his past jobs included drilling to set concrete bases for high voltage power lines through mountains and moving bulk materials cross country in record times. Mullinite is a one of a kind team member, proving himself over and over again. In spring of 2020, John took the next step with a promotion to Dispatch and Sales Manager. He has made a significant impact to our companies performance and are extremely lucky to have him on the team.


John now lives in Eastern North Carolina with his Wife and newborn daughter.   

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Ashley Sewell

Media and Communications Manager  

Ashley recently started with DeFeo Materials as their first ever marketing and communications coordinator. She graduated in May of 2020 with a degree in Public Relations and with a minor in management. 

Ashley is from Cape Cod MA, where she loves to spend her time on the beach and her boat. Before starting with DeFeo, she worked with various organizations running their marketing and social media. 

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