90-200 Sq. Ft. per pallet

Check out our huge selection of Veneer and Flagstone! Our natural stone is hand split to create a one of a kind look when used in its application.  


We offer a large variety of colors as well as different thickness pieces for each variety. Pick from extra thin, thin, thick, flagstone and even stand up pieces for patio installs.  


Some of the most popular colors include Mountain Blend, Smoky Mountain Sparkle and evergreen. You can also mix up to 5 different varieties per full truck load. 

Garden Walkway


Flagstone is used for patios, walkways, and outdoor entertaining spaces. The main difference between veneer and flagstone is its thickness. Flagstone is thicker than veneer which makes it more durable for foot traffic. Flagstone comes in many different sizes and colors. Many New England style homes opt for gray toned stone. Whereas those homes down south prefer brown toned stone! No matter what style or color you choose, flagstone makes any house pop. 


Veneer is used for more decorative elements around your home or business. It it thinner than flagstone, which allows it to be adhered to walls and siding. Since this stone is thinner than flagstone it is also lighter, meaning you get more square footage for the weight of the stone. Veneer looks beautiful on the side of any building. 

Lakeside House