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How Thick should Flagstone Be?

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

In the market for flagstone or wall stone? You may realize there are many different types of flagstone or wall stone that are available today. Before making a decision, you will need to know the purpose for these stones. Having an understanding of these stones will help you decide what to order because each stone has a different method for application, based on its thickness.

Choosing the right thickness will help you get all the benefits from these stones in regard to wear and tear from weather and getting the most for your money. You can increase the overall look and design of your landscape when using any of these stones. Below you can find the most popular thicknesses based on your project.

wall stone on patio

Retaining Walls

This is one of the most popular applications for these stones on the market today. Flagstone is recommended for any project, such as retaining walls, ponds, or waterfalls. The recommended thickness level for this stone is around 2 - 4 inches due to the fact that it will be in the elements for the majority of its decorative life. Using flagstone on the exterior of your home or commercial building is a great way to immediately improve your curb appeal. Stone walls around your home are increasing in popularity on homes across the country. Call our office today to inquire about our current stock.

Walkways and Paths

Some people prefer to use flagstone for smaller projects like walkways and paths. When looking for inspiration, you will find many properties are using this flagstone on features like patios or any other outdoor areas. The recommended thickness level from this flagstone will be around 1 - 2.5 inches. Like everything, there are pros and cons of using stone that is this thin. You will have more flexibility with placement and adhesion but lose significant durability.

Interior Thin Veneer

Many interior designers recommend their clients to use this stone for their properties in the form of backsplashes. This application of thin veneer is great because the weight of the stone will be less than 15 pounds per square foot and the thickness of this stone will only be around ¼ - 1 inch. Many people are interested in using this stone because of its durability, low maintenance, flexibility, and the ability to customize. This stone will make your home stand out from the rest.

flagstone walk way


No matter what application you need flagstone for, DeFeo Materials has the product to create your solution. We source the best stone from across the United States to provide you with a consistent wall stone, flagstone, or thin veneer that surpasses all of your expectations. Reach out today and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to help you find the stone product you need to complete your next job.

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