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Our Screened Fill can be delivered anywhere in CT and Eastern NY. We can deliver directly to your driveway or job site.  

Tailgate spreading is available! HOME DELIVERY ALSO AVAILABLE! 


1 size fits all



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4 Ton

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Visit Us in Oxford, CT!

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Delivery Prices: Accepted Payments: Cash, Credit or Check

Ansonia              $200.00
Beacon Falls      $150.00
Bethany              $200.00
Bethel                 $250.00
Bethlehem         $200.00
Bridgewater      $250.00
Bridgeport         $300.00
Brookfield          $250.00
Cheshire            $250.00
Danbury             $250.00
Darien                $450.00
Derby                 $200.00
Easton               $225.00
Fairfield            $350.00
Greenwich        $600.00

Hamden            $300.00

Middlebury         $125.00
Milford                $250.00
Monroe               $250.00
Naugatuck         $150.00
New Canaan      $400.00
New Haven        $400.00
New Milford       $250.00
Newtown           $200.00
Norwalk             $400.00
Orange               $250.00
Oxford                $125.00
Prospect            $150.00
Redding             $250.00
Ridgefield          $350.00

Roxbury             $150.00

Seymour            $125.00

Shelton               $200.00
Southbury          $125.00
Stamford            $500.00
Stratford             $300.00
Thomaston         $225.00
Trumbull             $250.00
Washington        $250.00
Waterbury          $150.00
Watertown         $200.00
West Haven       $350.00
Weston               $300.00
Westport            $350.00
Wilton                $350.00
Woodbridge      $250.00
Woodbury         $150.00

People are loving our Screened Fill

"The Screened Fill from DeFeo Materials exceeded our expectations. Its versatility made it a standout choice for our construction project. It was such an easy experience at their Oxford yard. Highly recommend!"

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Ethan H.

Wholesale Retailer

Unscreened Fill


Unscreened Fill is a mixture of soil, rock, and debris that has not been processed to remove large particles. It is commonly used in construction and landscaping for a variety of applications. One of the most popular uses is as a base material for filling large holes or low areas in a landscape. Unscreened fill provides stability and support for structures and helps to level uneven ground. Not only can you use it for filling large voids, but it can also be utilized in building foundations and embankments. Additional uses include backfilling, road base, and general grading purposes.

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Screened Fill - 1/2” Minus

1_2_ Minus Screened Fill.png

Screened Fill - 1/2” Minus is a refined material made by processing natural soil and stone to remove particles larger than half an inch. It is often used for leveling and grading in construction projects. One of the most popular uses is as a sub-base for driveways and pathways. Screened fill - 1/2” minus helps to provide a stable and compact foundation. Not only can it be used as a base for these projects, but it is also ideal for backfilling around pipes and utility lines. Additional uses include landscaping, erosion control, and filling low spots in lawns.

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Screened Fill - 1” Minus

1_ Minus Screened Fill.png

Screened Fill - 1” Minus is a processed material where particles larger than one inch have been removed. It is widely used in construction for various purposes. One of the most popular uses is as a base layer for roadways and large paving projects. Screened fill - 1” minus provides excellent stability and compaction. Not only can it serve as a foundation for these projects, but it is also effective for backfilling trenches and retaining walls. Additional uses include landscaping, site leveling, and erosion control.

Pipe Bedding

1_ Minus Screened Fill.png

Pipe Bedding is a type of material used to support and protect underground pipes. It is made from crushed stone and can be used for many different applications. One of the most popular uses is as a base for laying drainage and sewer pipes. Pipe bedding helps to prevent the pipes from shifting and getting damaged. Not only can it be used as a base for this project, but it also aids in proper alignment. Additional uses are backfilling, trenching, and ensuring long-term durability of underground infrastructure.

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Screened Fill FAQ's

What are the best uses for different sizes of Screened Fill?

  • 1/2” Minus Screened Fill is perfect for creating a stable base for driveways and pathways, offering excellent compaction and support. 1” Minus Screened Fill is ideal for larger construction projects, such as road base and sub-base layers, providing durability and strength. These materials are also suitable for backfilling utility trenches and supporting retaining walls. The smaller particle sizes ensure proper alignment and load distribution, making them versatile for various landscaping and construction needs.

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