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We are DeFeo Materials

We strive to put our customers first.  Our crew understands that customers are always right. Whether that be at the quarry or the delivery, respect will be given to everyone. That model, along with our teamwork puts our satisfactory rating at the top. 


Meet The Team!

DeFeo Materials is ran smoothly due to our strong focus on teamwork. Using this mindset, every member of the team has a sense of pride while at work. All of our employee's actually care about their work , even Dax the dog!

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Christopher DeFeo

President and CEO

Christopher has had a passion for trucks, rocks and landscaping since he was a kid. His experience includes farming in North Dakota, where he learned how to operate heavy equipment all the way to managing commercial distribution centers during major snow removal events.


 Don't let his young age fool you, operating this business is his priority and puts the reputation of DeFeo Materials before anything else. Christopher studied business management at Southern Connecticut State University and started DeFeo Materials when he was 20 years old.  


His goal is to improve this industries customer service, employee wellness and implement improved technology.


Christopher Austin

Vice President

Christopher Austin or "CJ" started with DeFeo Materials in July of 2019 where he trained for about 2 months. Since then, he has become a huge part in the day to day operations. Chris previously worked at L Catlin, AMS, and Deloitte, where he improved his research, accounting, and analytic skill. Chris also was able to work with large corporations, helping to perfect his professional manor with our corporate clients.


Before his corporate career, Chris managed a Cigar Shop, where he became an expert in relationships one customer at a time.

Media & Communications Manager

Media & Communications Manager

Media & Communications Manager

Media & Communications Manager


Ashley Sewell

Business Development Coordinator

Ashley started with DeFeo Materials in 2020 as their first ever marketing and communications coordinator. She graduated in May of 2020 with a degree in Public Relations and with a minor in management.

Ashley is from Cape Cod MA, where she loves to spend her time on the beach and her boat. Before starting with DeFeo, she worked with various organizations running their marketing and social media.


In spring of 2021, Ashley received a promotion to Business Development Coordinator. She will work on improving communication with both current and new customers.

Robert Headshot.jpeg

Sales Associate

Robert DeFeo

Robert is a dedicated Sales Specialist known for their unwavering commitment to customer success. With a customer-centric approach, he prioritizes understanding clients' unique needs and challenges, ensuring tailored solutions that drive long-term satisfaction. With exceptional relationship-building skills, Robert fosters trust and open communication, fostering lasting partnerships.

Robert previously co-founded his own company, Mad Mango Marketing and ran it from 2018-2023 helping companies with SEO and creating custom software development.


Christopher Connors

Field Supervisor 

Chris Connors joined DeFeo Materials team, officially full time in 2021. His experience includes heavy equipment operating, lowbed, dump trailer/tri-axle dump truck, emergency water utility repairs, paving, land clearing, carpentry, welding and equipment repairs.

Chris Connors has been one of DeFeo's best friends for years, earning the high level of trust that this position requires. Over the years they have spoken weekly to share the knowledge and experience they have both learned along the way.

2022 Employee of the Year!

Jeff Mead

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2021 Employee of the Year!

Chris Connors!

2020 Employee of the Year!

Ty Togonon


2019 Employee of the Year!

Christopher Austin

2019 Employee of the Year!

2018 Employee of the Year!

Mike Altman

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