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We are now offering our New England River Rock in North Carolina! 

We are offering the New England River Rock to you in the following sizes; 3/8", 3/4", 1-2", 2-4", 3-5", and 5-10"!

This material is available for bulk pickup only at our Selma, North Carolina yard. To pick up from our company you must first create an account with us which can be done by emailing:


Once we get you into our system you can begin placing orders. As soon as the material is available at the yard we will send you a pickup number as well as pickup instructions. For more details on how bulk pickup works please click here.

Browse Our Landscape Rocks Available in
North Carolina

Bulk Decorative Gravel

Below you can find a full list of products we offer in bulk. At DeFeo Materials, we offer you more varieties, sizes and colors of stone compared to our competitors. 

 We offer stone in sizes as small as 3/8" all the way to 10"+.

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Palletized Stone  

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Our products are also available to you in pallets or cages. We have a variety of different stone we can offer you. You will find our most popular blends below.


Pallets can be shipped directly to your business. They are also available for pickup. ​

Our pallets are available in 1.5 ton cages. 

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Landscape boulders can be used in a variety of different projects. Our stone is high quality that will last and will not lose its color. Our boulders can be used to build out walls, to add texture, create an ambiance, and more.  


At DeFeo Materials, we offer you more varieties, sizes and colors of decorative rock compared to any of our competitors and we can deliver this truck to you or your wholesale yard by the truckload. 

We take pride in providing the highest quality river rock on the east coast.  Our premium river rocks have a smooth,  polished-like texture that is admired and loved by gardeners, DIY-ers, and General Contractors across the country. 

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Jobs Recently Completed in North Carolina

Walmart Refresh

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Various branches in the Greenville, NC Area.

Stone type:

2-4" New England River Rock

DeFeo Materials joined forces with Southern State Landscape to successfully enhance the landscaping of five Walmart branch locations in the Greenville, NC area. This project utilized around 700 tons of the 2-4” New England River Rock delivered by our team. Southern State did a beautiful installation of the material which can be seen in these photos.  

Other Services Offered to North Carolina 
Landscape Supply Yards

railroad service
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How Much Stone
Do I Need?

Calculating how much stone or gravel you need for a project is very simple! You just need to calculate the dimensions of your space and input them into our calculator! You can calculate how many yards or tons you need, for any shape space! 

To see what exactly your yardage amount looks like, check out this article!

Serving North Carolina Since 2016


DeFeo Materials offers wholesale only! However, we have supply yards across the east coast that may be able to fit your needs.

  • Charlotte

  • Raleigh

  • Greensboro

  • Durham

  • Winston-Salem

  • Fayetteville

  • Cary

  • Wilmington

  • High Point

  • Concord

  • Greenville

  • Asheville

  • Gastonia

  • Apex

  • Chapel Hill & more!

List of Quarries in

North Carolina

​Here at DeFeo Materials, we source the best quarries for the highest quality stone and bring it all together to offer you a wide range of stone types, shapes, and colors. When you see beautiful decorative river rock in a landscape you may not be thinking of how this stone was discovered, blasted, and transported.

* For information purposes only. DeFeo Materials is not associated with any of the following quarries

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Salem Stone

This company has several facilities that are available in some areas, including the Roanoke, New River valleys of Virginia, Northwestern North Carolina, and Southside Virginia. They produce many different types of crushed stone native to these regions as well as several sand types.

Lake Norman

When we are talking about some popular quarries in North Carolina, we cannot forget this incredible quarry on Lake Norman. This quarry produces many great products for their customers, for example, concrete, aggregates, asphalt, etc. This quarry is also home to some natural stone products.

Quarries, Inc.

This quarry has some popular products, for example, sand, dirt, deicer, crushed stone, etc. It has already been serving all customers since 1980. They produce many different types of crushed stone native to the region as well as several sand types.

Wake Stone

This is a locally owned quarry that will deliver the best products for all customers. This quarry is specially designed to meet everyone’s needs in construction projects. It has some locations in North Carolina, including Knightdale, Cary, Moncure, and Battleboro. 

Quarries, Inc

This company is ready to offer a wide variety of crushed stone materials. There are some popular products that are available in this quarry, for example, ABC Crusher Run, clean stone gravel, dry screen gravel, rock dust, rip rap, etc.

Blue Rock
Soapstone Quarry

Soapstone, an impure rock which forms in many parts of the Piedmont mountains, this material was common for carved stone bowls. Test excavations were conducted at the site in 1979 by Archaeology Branch staff and a report on the tests was published in the North Carolina Archaeological Council Publications Series in 1982.

Order Quarry Direct in North Carolina with 
DeFeo Materials

DeFeo Materials provides a number of services related to North Carolina hauling and trucking. We will handle every deal with precision and professionalism. When it comes to quarries, and material delivery, we provide multiple services. We can take resources and building materials and haul them straight to wherever you may need them. Whether that be a plant, directly to a jobsite that is being worked on by a larger company, or to someone who just ordered a large supply of resources. Is your landscape supply yard located on a railway? DeFeo Materials is now offering direct rail service for your supply yard! We currently serve customers across the north and southeast and are looking to expand even further. If you are interested in expanding your product line contact our experts today. Contact DeFeo Materials, and we’ll get the job done right.

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