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Crushed Stone Delivery CT/NY - COMING SOON TO OXFORD!

We will be opening a new location this spring in Oxford CT!

Stay tuned for updates, crushed materials and other construction aggregates will be available! 


Our Crushed Stone can be delivered anywhere in CT and Eastern NY. We can deliver directly to your driveway or job site.  

Tailgate spreading is available!


3/8" - 2"



Min. Order


4 Ton

Next Day

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Our versatile crushed stone, ranging from 3/8" to 2", is perfect for a multitude of applications. Whether you're undertaking construction projects, enhancing drainage systems, or revitalizing driveways, our reliable and quick delivery service by professional drivers ensures you get the materials you need on time. Choose our crushed stone for durability and functionality in various landscaping and construction endeavors.

People are loving our Crushed Stone

"The crushed stone from DeFeo Materials exceeded our expectations. Its versatility made it a standout choice for our construction project. It was such an easy experience at their Oxford yard. Highly recommend!"

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Ethan H.

Wholesale Retailer

Stone Dust

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Stone Dust is a byproduct of crushing stone. It is made up of tiny, crushed stone particles and can be used for many different applications. One of the most popular uses is as a base material for laying pavers or flagstone. Stone dust helps to prevent the blocks from moving around. Not only can you lay it as a base for this project, but you can also use it as a filler. Additional uses are backfilling, concrete mix, erosion control and more.

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3/8" Crushed Stone


3/8” size crushed stone is very popular amongst contractors and landscapers. This size is great for pathways, walkways, and trails. This material provides great drainage as well as stability for walking. Aside from its decorative properties, it is great for erosion, drainage and as a base material for various construction projects.

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3/4" Crushed Stone


¾” is great for both decorative and construction purposes. It is great for driveways, pathways, foundation support, and much more. Some of our favorite uses is for railroad ballast and for French drains. It allows water to flow freely while preventing clogs and soil erosion.

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1-1/4" Crushed Stone

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The 1-1/4” size is perfect for decorative elements. Some uses include boarders, flowerbed application, and more. Overall, 1-1/4" size crushed stone is a versatile material suitable for a range of construction, landscaping, and erosion control projects where a larger particle size is desired for stability and strength.

2" Crushed Stone

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The 2” Crushed Stone is primarily used in drainage systems such as French drains, trench drains, and stormwater management systems. Its large size allows for excellent drainage capacity and helps prevent soil erosion. In large-scale construction or land reclamation projects, 2" crushed stone can be used as fill material to raise or level land surfaces, create embankments, or restore natural landscapes. Its large size and stability make it suitable for such applications.

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Rip Rap 3-6" 

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Rip rap is widely used to protect shorelines, riverbanks, and coastal areas from erosion caused by waves, currents, and runoff. The large, angular stones create a durable barrier that absorbs and dissipates the energy of the water, helping to prevent soil erosion and loss of land.

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Rip Rap 6"+ 

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Rip rap can be used in stormwater management systems to control erosion and filter sediment from runoff before it enters water bodies. It helps to slow down the flow of water, allowing sediment to settle out and reducing the risk of pollution downstream.

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Perfect for Large Spaces: Ideal for driveways and spacious walkways.
Garden Bed Enhancement: Creates a stunning backdrop for plants.
Modern Aesthetics: Complements contemporary landscape designs.
Resilient and Long-lasting: Maintains its beauty in various weather conditions.

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Crushed Stone FAQ's

What are the best uses for different sizes of crushed stone?

  • 3/8” crushed stone is ideal for pathways, walkways, and trails, offering great drainage and stability. ¾” crushed stone works well for driveways, foundation support, and as railroad ballast or in French drains. 1-1/4” crushed stone is suitable for decorative elements like borders and flowerbed applications, while 2” crushed stone is best for drainage systems and large-scale construction or land reclamation projects. Rip rap sizes are perfect for erosion control in shorelines, riverbanks, and coastal areas.

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