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Product Spotlight: Washed Shells

Seashells have been used at homes around the country for years now. They are a beautiful way to line your driveway, create a walkway and even line flowerbeds. These shells come in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures. Throughout this article we are going to give you an inside look at how these shells were made, cultivated, and brought to your home.

History of Seashells

Many of you may not know that the seashells found around your home may be centuries old! Seashells are the exoskeleton of marine animals such as clams, snails, or even scallops. These shells are formed on these marine organisms to act as a protection. According to an article written by Mandy Disher, seashells are not composed of living shells, unlike a turtle shell which is made up of cells and nerves.

How Do We Get Them?

Many people think the way in which we cultivate these shells is by digging deep within the ocean. We actually get our shells from shell deposits in Florida. Did you know that Florida was once completely underwater? Because of this, seashells can be found all over the state in these “shell deposits”. Our seashells are mined out of the land and later delivered to your front door. After the shells are dug out of the land, they are brought to shell pits where we collect, wash and transport the shells to their next destination.

How Should I Use Them?

You may be wondering how exactly you can use washed shells around your home. Our experts are here to help. Below you can find our top 5 uses for seashells around your home.

1. Driveways

Looking for that classic coastal look? Shell driveways are classic around New England. Many of us utilize pea stone gravel driveways, why not add a more decorative element to your driveway?

2. Gardens

Did you know that seashells actually help improve your plants quality of life? When these shells break down they provide many nutrients to the earth that help your plants thrive. It looks both beautiful and has great benefits.

3. Pathways A lot of our clients use seashells to create pathways. Whether it’s a path leading up to your home, or even to your back patio, seashells are sure to draw attention and make a beautiful coastal statement.

Seashell Pathway

4. Flowerbeds / Planters

Not only can you use seashells as a way to nourish your plants, but they can also be used to create a statement. For our coastal New England friends, try planting hydrangeas that are surrounded by beautiful white seashells to add a pop to your flowerbeds.

5. Leftovers? DIY Projects

Do you have leftover seashells from your landscaping project? No problem! You can use these shells for small projects around your home! Try adding seashells to a vase. Use them to create a frame for a mirror or photo. There are many things you can do with your leftover seashells. Check out this article for more!

No matter what you decide to do with your washed seashells, the experts at DeFeo Materials are here to offer you the best quality products that will look great for any project.

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