Rail Served

Is your landscape supply yard located on a railway? DeFeo Materials is now offering rail direct service for your supply yard! We currently serve customers across the north and southeast and are looking to expand even further. If you are interested in expanding your product line contact our experts today.


All of our rock transloading locations are located on various short line railroads that interchange with CSX, the Class 1 railroad that we ship most of our aggregates with.


Benefits of Rail

Rail is extremely beneficial to carry product across the United states. Rail allows your product to travel far distances at a fraction of the cost of trucking. In using rail you get 

  • More Product 

  • Quicker response time 

  • Easy Tracking and so much more! 

Our Fleet

Our railcar fleet consists of 18 gondolas, capable of holding 99-110 tons per car. Gondola are not the normal railcar used in transporting aggregate by train. Normally Open Top Hopper Bottom railcars are unloaded by conveyor belt. We use these Heavy duty cars to ship large rocks, sometimes weighing as much as 5-10 tons each! 

We also load system-owned equipment as well as customer-owned railcars, allowing our capabilities to be almost unlimited in what quantities we can ship at any given time. 


Products Offered By Rail

 Coming Soon To Rail...


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