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Bayside Skimmers™

Bayside skimmers™ are similar to ocean pebbles and are a wonderful beach and sand colored round stone. With a caramel and tan looking stone like this along your property, your house will really stand out! 

This decorative stone is extremely popular in all property types from commercial gardens, islands, and parking lots to residential gardens and even driveways!

Bayside Skimmers™ are from the coast lines of the Mid-Atlantic and are extremely popular with beach-front properties.

The Bayside Skimmers are a great replacement for that popular "White River Rock" that is so hard to find. It gives you that light colored round material that your customers will love!

3/4" Bayside Skimmers


1-2" Bayside Skimmers

1-2" (Limited Availability)

Bayside Skimmers
Bayside Skimmers


Our Bayside Skimmers™ are a superior product compared to Ocean Pebble’s and are not the same as the competitors. Their stone is often rough and course, not smooth.


The most popular sizes are 3/4" which is shown here. 

Bayside Skimmers
Bayside Skimmers


Shown here is the 1-2" Bayside Skimmers™. This is one of our company favorites and has grown popularity in the past couple year. Ask how for for samples right to your door if you want to see just how much of an improvement this beach pebble is over others!

Stone Tower

Available by Rail!

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