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Suppliers of Decorative Gravel Products



Hello, and welcome to our site! We are DeFeo Materials, your one stop shop for rocks! Providing you the highest quality stone across the United States. Our stone comes directly from the quarry to your business! We strive to put our customers first.  Our crew understands that customers are always right. Whether that be at the quarry or the delivery, respect will be given to everyone. That model, along with our teamwork puts our satisfactory rating at the top. The team at DeFeo Materials has years of experience operating equipment, trucks, and landscaping. Quality and efficiency is our guarantee! 

*Commercial wholesale only, not retail location.*

Large Selection of Wholesale Stone

We can make specialized products to meet any site specification. Athletic fields, horse riding rings, site foundation, septic projects and much more! 


Rail Served

Is your landscape supply yard located on a railroad? DeFeo Materials is now offering rail direct service for your supply yard! We currently serve customers across the north and southeast and are looking to expand even further. If you are interested in expanding your product line contact our experts today.


Job Site Direct Delivery

Talk to our sales staff and ask about our job site direct and blind ship delivery options.  We are your one stop for rocks, especially in the south!

Our Experience

We Know River Rock! It's Our Specialty!


Our family has been involved in the construction and landscaping industry for over 30 years.


Christopher has grown up with a love of trucks and machines, so it is no surprise that he ventured out to establish the business now known as DeFeo Materials, LLC. 


Excellent customer service and hard work have been the main values instilled and followed by our family. 


Our Equipment

Our fleet is comprised of modern, well 

maintained equipment. This ensures that our deliveries are on time and our stockpiles stay full. 


Below you will see some pictures of our Bulk hauling equipment delivering discount river rock from the quarry to you!


Stockpiles kept across the country to ensure quicker delivery times of stone and gravel. Our ordering technology is custom designed to fit the needs of our customers, most order are delivered in a weeks time.


Upgrade and improve the look of any landscape design.  The only thought that should come to mind is class when using natural stone .

Competitive Pricing

Quarry direct pricing with amazing customer service at your fingertips 

Reliable Equipment

Our equipment is updated and maintained frequently to insure that deliveries are made safely and on time. We have added Moffett services to our fleet! 

Wholesale / Commercial Stone Supplier - not a retail location

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