Cape Cod
River Rock
This round stone is a great variety if you are trying to portray a historic Boston Harbor atmosphere. This decorative gravel is found in the sand and gravel banks, not far from Cape Cod Bay. We screen and then wash the stone during the warmer months of the year, however deliveries are possibly delayed during strong weather storms that will create large waves near the cape.
You can see this stone color used throughout Eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and even Maine.  
This stone offers beautiful beach tones that look great at any home on the coast!


3-7" Cape Cod River Rock can be used for many different things! You can use this as decorative stone. It can be used for retaining walls, lining pathways and more!

3-7_ Cape Cod River Rock.jpg


Our 1" stone is our most popular size. This stone can be used on any property! It acts as a decorative element on gardens, walkways and more!

1 inch Cape Cod River Rock


This landscape boulder looks great on any property. Landscape boulders can be used on hillsides, retaining walls, and even can be used as decorative elements around your property.



This size stone is great for helping with erosion and water control!

4-8 inch Cape Cod River Rock.jpg


2-3" stone is another great size stone. This medium sized stone is great for erosion and water flow! It looks beautiful next to pools and gardens.