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Newport River Rock vs. Delaware River Rock

Newport River Rock is an excellent replacement to Delaware River Jacks.  Many customers ask us if we sell "Upper Delaware River Rock" or "Delaware River Jacks".  

The answer is no, why would we! Our landscape rock products are more colorful, setting the new gold standard in multi-colored round stone. New England River Rock is also more round than Delaware River Rock, allowing for less pain on feet and better drainage as well!

To the left of the wood we spread some of our 3/4" Newport River Rock next to 3/4" Delaware River Jacks so everyone can see the huge increase in colors, shape and quality that our ornamental stone provides.

Some of the most unique and loved colors in our stone are the blacks and pinks found only in our stone. 

 Colors that are almost never found in the Delaware River !

Interested in replacing the boring gray and brown colors in river rock at your store or in your landscape? Request our discount stone at your local landscape supply yard and improve your properties value and scenery!

Newport River Rock

5/16" -Peastone
3/8" -Peastone

We take pride in providing the highest quality river rock on the east coast.  Our premium river rocks have a smooth,  polished-like texture that is admired and loved by stone lovers across the country.  These decorative rocks are our best selling product.  


Use these river rocks to create a beautiful outline of your pool, or the perfect 

entrance to your business.  Our river rocks are easy to walk on and cause no pain to your feet.  


When wet, the color of our river rounds is magnificent!  We have a large stockpile and offer year round delivery of any size that is needed.  The mix of colors and shapes is simply unmatched.  

Peastone River Rocks

3/4" Small River Rocks

1-2" Medium River Rocks

2-4" River rocks

4-10" River rocks 

River Rocks are versatile, and can be used as part of your landscapes or to create unique walls, columns, or borders as well. 

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