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How Do I Calculate How Much Landscaping Stone I Need?

Looking to improve the overall look of your home or business? Finding the right landscaping stone is your first step to help improve your property. There are many colors, sizes and textures that will help you achieve your own style and appearance. DeFeo Materials can become your trusted partner in providing quality stone and construction aggregates for just about any project. We offer several types of decorative stone or rock that come with beautiful designs and colors. DeFeo Materials is able to help you not only choose a design but help in calculating exactly how much product you need. Too little, and you will leave some with bare spots and another trip to the store. Too much stone and you have a pile of rock on your property that just sits there. DeFeo Materials sell landscaping stone in cubic yards or tons, either in bulk, pallets, or supersacks, depending on your needs.

Calculating the overall amount of stone can save you a lot of your money and prevent a serious headache. There are two main factors to consider when you want to calculate the total amount of decorative stone that you need for your home. First, you are going to consider the size of the space that you are going to cover in the yard. The second factor that you need to consider is the depth of the coverage.

Calculate the size you are covering

First, you need to calculate the size that you are going to cover around your yard. For calculating the size, you should measure the width and length of the project area. Then, you can multiply those two numbers for finding the number of square footage in your coverage area. For example, if your project area is about 18 x 20 feet, the total coverage area will be 360 square feet in total. Keep this number in mind when you order any decorative or landscaping rock.

Plan the depth of the landscaping stone

Next, you are going to decide how deep you are going to have for covering your job. For common purposes, you need about 2 inches of the landscaping or decorative stones for your garden. Some people want to use a layer of 3/8 inches rocks for decorating their properties. The choice depends on your needs and preferences. You can also consult with your DeFeo Materials salesperson who knows how to choose the right amount of stone for your project.

The amount of landscaping stone that you are going to need also depends on the overall size of the stone, rock, or gravel that you are using. For example, 1 ton of 3-8 Inches rocks will be able to cover up to a 60 square foot area. When you are using 1 ton of 1/4 – 3/8 inches screen gravel, you are going to cover up to 140 square feet. Therefore, you need to select the right stone or rock size which is suitable for your needs. After you find the total coverage area for each ton, you can determine how much stone or gravel that you are going to need for covering your property.

Other Useful Tips for You

It is recommended for you to use landscaping stone in beds with plants that require a small amount of water, for example, alpine plants or cacti. Some landscaping stones may affect the total amount of water that will be absorbed by the plants around these stones. Don't forget to install some barriers around the areas that are filled with landscape stones. These barriers can keep the rock in the area without having to cause any damages to the environment.

Whether you are planning to buy landscaping stone for your house foundation, driveway, walkway or garden, DeFeo Materials has your solution. Our company is ready to provide you the best landscaping stone for any property. We can send samples to job sites or homes to ensure that you can find the right amount of stone for your property, saving time and money.

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