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How to Use River Rock in Landscaping

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

River rock is an impressive and underrated option for landscaping. This stone material comes in a limitless array of sizes, colors, and patterns to enhance any landscaping or decorative project. They are also a cost-efficient option for many projects that create beautiful finished products that are high in quality.

Benefits of River Rock

This versatile component can makeover any part of your backyard or front yard. River rock requires much less maintenance than other elements of your yard. You do not have to water them, and they will not get damaged when faced with the outdoor elements. They will stay the same color forever because the sun does not bleach them.

Very little can cause river rock to deteriorate, making this material extremely durable. You can walk over river rock or place it in an environment that is exposed to water without risking erosion over time. There are also so many options to choose from that you can find river rock to match your unique style and perfectly suit your next project.

River Rocks Don't Need Replacing Every Year!
River Rocks Don't Need Replacing Every Year!

Replacement for mulch

Mulch is incredibly expensive over time. While it may not seem like much when you grab a few bags, you have to replace mulch on a regular basis. Wood mulch is also likely to move when it is windy outside and not stand up in different climates.

River rock can help prevent evaporation from occurring on the soil surface, and it does not need to be replaced like mulch. For mulch around plants, 3/8-inch river rock is recommended as well as rougher materials to stay in place over time.


You can create a decorative landscaping feature around your pool using river rock. River rock is a cost-effective material that can enhance the look and feel of your pool. Create a border using the size and color of river rock that most appeals to you.

Consider creating a decorative feature that contrasts with the rest of your backyard. Select colors that stand out and design your own rock garden or accent border. You can add in plants for even more visual interest.


Rock gardens are an easy way to decorate an unused portion of your lawn or add more color and contrast to your outdoor space. The best thing about rock gardens is the limitless possibilities. Get as creative as you want in terms of design and pattern. Add in pops of color using river rock in a variety of shades.

You won’t have to maintain your rock garden like you would a regular garden. River rock is durable, so it will last for a long time without needing any care or attention. Thanks to its lower cost, you can also change up your rock garden whenever your style changes or you want a new look.

River Rock Walkway
River Rock Walkway


The variety of river rock makes it a wonderful material for creating walkways. With so many shapes and sizes to choose from, you can create a design that is totally unique to your property. Mix smaller pebbles with larger slabs of rock to create a stone path. Add in different colors or opt for a neutral look.

Smaller river rocks, around 3/4-inch or smaller, are the most comfortable to walk on. Choose smoother textures for walkways so the river rock feels nicer under your feet. Overall, river rock provides a much more cost-effective material for walkways than other types of stone or rock.

Stone walls

A stone wall made of river rock can create a breathtaking feature in your yard. This project can be as complicated or simple as you choose to fit your style. You can add river rock to an existing wall to create a beautiful stone look. This is a creative way to give your yard a refresh by adding a new texture or introducing different colors.

You can also create a stone wall by stacking river rock to the height you want and using mortar to keep the rocks together. The pattern and design of your wall is totally up to you. Play around with color, shape, and texture to create a one-of-a-kind accent piece.

Kitchen backsplashes

If you want to take your river rock aesthetic indoors, use this stone for a creative kitchen backsplash. Create an old-world, rustic look and feel by using river rock to decorate your backsplash. You can choose the shapes and colors that fit with the style of your kitchen for a cohesive look.

Round, smooth stones are often preferred for backsplash projects. You can mix colors to form patterns or designs. Use a variety of sizes to add visual interest or create a monotone look for a neutral finish. Use mortar to keep everything together for an easy and cost-effective decorative piece.

Find River Rock for Your Next Project

Discount River Rock provides your one stop for all your rock needs. They offer a wide variety of decorative rocks that will suit any project. Choose from an impressive selection of sizes, colors, and styles to create the landscaping features of your dreams.

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