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Pine Fines vs. Natural Mulch

The best mulch for your property or garden may be different from the best mulch for another property. The solution is not the same for everyone. Each type of mulch has its weaknesses and strengths. Mulching is all about making your garden bed look beautiful. This process can be an attractive finishing touch around plants or any landscape feature. Mulch can be useful to help you control weeds and also retain soil moisture effectively. In this article, we are going to discuss one of the most popular products called Pine Fines and some other mulch products. You can compare all available products before you decide to choose the best one for yourself.

Pine Fines

pine fines mulch

This mulch product is very well-known for its light design and natural look. Pine fines are naturally acidic because they are made from the breakdown process. Therefore, they can be used for mulching any plants that prefer an acidic environment, for example, camellias, rhododendrons, azaleas, etc. During a heavy rain situation, the pine needles are going to stay on the ground. They will be strong enough to stay in the position. Therefore, they are suitable for those who want to put mulch on any slope or incline. They are commonly harvested from the floor of the pine forests.

Shredded Hardwood

Shredded Hardwood Mulch

This is another popular mulch that can be used in any application. This product has similar properties to bark nuggets, but it is less likely to be washed away. Shredded hardwood is a byproduct of the paper and lumber industries. This product can last for a long time. When these hardwood mulches break down on the environment, they are going to make the soil become alkaline (with high pH). One of the biggest disadvantages of this shredded hardwood is its ability to compact over time. When this situation occurs, it can block nutrients and rain from reaching out to the plants and soil.

Colored Wood

colored wood mulch

This type of mulch can be found in any market easily today. It is commonly made from recycled wood that will contain some additives, including the arsenic from the pressure-treated wood. This mulch is not 100% produced from hardwood. Because it contains arsenic, it may cause dangerous effects on the environment. The dye used in this mulch is considered as a safe product for the environment. When you use this type of mulch, you should never let it contact with any wooden parts or siding parts of your home. Termites will inhabit the wood mulches when they are left on the ground for too long.

Compost or Manure

Some people are using compost or manure for their soil because it can add large amounts of organic materials to the soil very quickly. When you use this product, it can be used to improve soil structure and also the nutrient contained in the soil. Compost can also increase the overall water binding or water holding capacity of the soil. However, the use of compost will never inhibit the growth of weed on the ground.


You can use a combination of rocks, gravel, pebbles, and some other useful products as a mulch on the ground around your landscape features. These materials stay put because they will never break down. However, you need to be careful when using small size stones, such as pebbles and gravel. They may sink into the soil when they are left untreated. You need to do some touch-up applications for preventing a sinking problem on these small-sized stones.

When comparing some available products, you also need to know some products that will never be used as mulch. They are including sawdust, un-aged wood chips, wood shavings, etc. These materials are going to break down and consume a large amount of nitrogen. They are going to deprive other surrounding plants around your property. It is also a good idea for you to use commercially produced wood products that are intended for mulch. They are safe to apply around any plants in your garden. Talk to an expert at DeFeo Materials today and we can suggest the best mulch product for any project or home!

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