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What is Canadian Blue Stone?

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

You may be questioning what exactly is Canadian Blue Stone? Luckily for you, we have the answer. As the only regional supplier of this stone, we can provide you with all the insight and information you need about our newest product. Listed below are the answers to questions most frequently asked by customers.

Is this stone similar to “New England River Rocks”?

This stone can be compared to New England River Rock; however Canadian Blue Stone have their standout qualities. Canadian Blue Stone are available in a wider variety of colors, making them applicable to a wider range of purposes. Like New England River Rocks, these stones are also rounded, making them better for draining. Due to their durability, Canadian Blue Stone are suited for a lot of applications. Overall, these stones are extremely unique and versatile. With Canadian Blue Stone, you’ll still get the same qualities as you would New England River Rocks and more!

What color is this stone?

As we previously mentioned, Canadian Blue Stone offer an assortment of colors. The colors range from grays, blues, reds, and tans. You really have your pick of colors or aesthetics that you can go with. There’s a subtle or earthy tone associated with the grays and tans. On the other hand, the blues and reds can really make your property stand out. Overall, Canadian Blue Stone can really up the visual appeal of your property.

What sizes do you offer?

We offer Canadian Blue Stone in two different sizes.


1-2” most commonly used for walkways, patios, or around pools. This size is easy for customers to lay out around their property.


Out of the two sizes we offer, 2-4” is our more popular one. This size is great for customers who want the outside of their homes to stand out. And another common use is for dry creek beds.

Common Applications

Canadian Blue Stone can add charm to your property. These stones are a great decorative option for walkways, patios, pools, flowerbeds, and more. Their durability and fade resistance makes these stones a premier option for the outside of all property types. DeFeo Materials is the only supplier of Canadian Blue Stone in the southeast. Not only are these stones visually striking, but they’re not commonplace. Canadian Blue Stone will give your property a unique appeal.

How Much Stone Should You Order?

Calculating the exact amount of stone you need for a project may seem overwhelming. But this process can be made easier if you use our project calculator. All you need to do is measure the dimensions of your space and input those measurements into our calculator. In just those simple steps, you can calculate how many yards or tons you need. Our calculator works for any shape size including rectangular, circular, and other unique spaces. We understand that circular spaces can be intimidating to calculate. The same can be said for unique spaces that have different edges than a traditional circle or rectangle. That’s why we offer this calculator to customers so that the burden can be lifted off them. With this calculator, you can figure out the exact amount of stone you’ll need.

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