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Bulk Decorative Gravel

 DeFeo Materials has your wholesale needs covered!

Supplying garden centers, stone yards, industry professionals and more!

*not sold directly to homeowners - wholesale only

23-24 Tons Per Load!

Jobsite Direct Delivery!

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! 



Bulk gravel can be used around homes to add pops of color, texture, and depth to the overall look of your property.

Landscape Control 

Bulk gravel can be used for landscape drainage systems and erosion control. 


Bulk stone can be used for a base for patios, used on walkways, and even driveways!

Less Expensive 

Bulk stone can also be used to add curbside appeal to your home, and it is a less expensive way to do so! 

High Quality - Low Price 

If you are interested in purchasing multi-colored river rock or any other stone products you can save a considerable amount of money and frustration by purchasing directly from the source. DeFeo Materials provides Discount River Rock and other high quality, bulk decorative rock for directly from our quarries to clients on the east coast. These materials are ideal for landscaping and decorative stone thanks to their polished texture and the selection of colors and sizes.


Contact DeFeo Materials at to learn more about their bulk hauling services, Wholesale aggregates, palletized stone and specialty products that can be very difficult to find.

River Rock Landscape

River Rock 

We take pride in providing the highest quality river rock on the east coast.  Our premium river rocks have a smooth,  polished-like texture that is admired and loved by stone lovers across the country.  These decorative rocks are our best selling product.  


Use these river rocks to create a beautiful outline of your pool, or the perfect 

entrance to your business.  Our river rocks are easy to walk on and cause no pain to your feet.  


When wet, the color of our river rounds is magnificent!  We have a large stockpile and offer year round delivery of any size that is needed.  The mix of colors and shapes is simply unmatched.  



No matter what your project may be, there is a stone size for you. Whether you want to add decorative gravel to your garden or patio, or cover your driveway our experts can help you! 

Smaller crushed stone such as 3/8" and 3/4" can be used for driveways and walkways. 

Stone that is 1/2" or 1" looks great around gardens, pools, and entrance ways! 

Larger bulk gravel can be used to line gardens, fire pits, walkways and more! It is great for erosion control! 

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