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Your Guide to Sand (Construction & Landscaping)

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

When you think of construction materials, sand may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, landscaping sand is a popular and affordable material for outdoor projects. Create beautiful decorative features, add a fun focal point to your backyard, or complete DIY construction projects using high quality construction sand. Keep reading for more details on landscaping sand and its many uses.

Types of landscaping sand

Commercial sand can be used for a wide range of projects, including landscape work. With multiple types of landscaping sand available, you can find the right materials for your next project to produce your desired finish look and feel. Whether you want to add a unique feature to your backyard or improve the aesthetics of your outdoor commercial space, landscaping sand is your answer.

Beach sand

Beach sand is a best seller when it comes to landscaping projects. It has a finer texture and feels softer, similar to what you would find on a beach. You may see this type of sand referred to as play sand because it is safe for children. The color of this sand tends to be more uniform, ranging from bright white to a deeper tan.

Masonry sand

Mason sand has very fine grains, making it a great choice for decorative projects. This type of sand is most commonly used to create mortar or mix for concrete. Masonry sand is easier to use than utility sand and provides a polished finished look for laying bricks or stones.

Along the same lines as masonry sand, utility sand is very durable. Used to produce concrete, utility sand tends to be used for construction projects like a new patio or cinder blocks. This type of sand is used as a filler and contains more coarse particles. It is not the soft sand you find at the beach, and it contains a variety of colors.

How to use landscaping sand

Quality landscaping sand can be used for a variety of projects, including commercial and residential outdoor features. The list of uses for commercial sand is extensive and only limited by your imagination. Keep reading for some common uses for landscaping sand.

Golf courses

Sand is a crucial part of any golf course. Complete your course with high quality sand that looks professional. The sand in your golf course is used to create bunkers, or hazards. The sand has to be the right quality and texture to ensure they are fair and playable while still creating an obstacle.

Equestrian arenas

Sand is often used to create equestrian arenas, providing good footing for horses during competitions, practices, and exhibitions. The sand used for equestrian spaces must be suitable for riding because it can directly impact performance.


Believe it or not, sand is commonly used in conjunction with artificial grass. Tall blades of artificial grass require support to remain standing, and sand fill can help provide this support. Sand also weighs the grass down to ensure it stays in place while protecting the turf.

Concrete or construction sand

Construction sand can be used by both commercial landscapers or contractors and DIY masters. Many projects call for small gravel, but finer sand can be used to create a polished finished look. You can use construction sand to line bodies of water, enclose electrical cables, or create a safe play area. Construction sand is also commonly used for building patios or hardscape features that need a solid foundation.


Create your own outdoor oasis with landscaping sand by laying a sand bed in your backyard. Add some beach chairs or set up a fire pit to complete your own private relaxation station. With a fine-grain sand, like beach sand, you can enjoy the feeling of soft sand between your toes even if you live far from the beach.

Where can you buy construction sand in Connecticut?

If you are interested in Connecticut landscape yard materials, Discount River Rock has your answer. We cut out the middleman by providing quarry direct pricing for stone, gravel, and sand. Purchasing wholesale stone or landscaping sand ensures your project is completed within your budget with only the highest quality materials.

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