Sand is one of the most abundant resources on earth, and has an extensive list of uses. It has taken us years to find exceptionally high grades of each product, while keeping our pricing extremely competitive. Some of these uses for sand products include producing glass, concrete, solar panels and even computer chips.  Believe it or not sand can be purchased in a large number of shapes and sizes.  This all depends on what use the sand will play.  We carry a large variety of sand products.  Listed below are our offered sand varieties available. We can also provide specialty sands if needed. 

*Premium Beach Sand *

Premium Beach sand, this category of sand is a best seller for sure.  The sand can range from a brighter white color to more of a tan, depending on what exactly is desired.  Beach sand will stay in place on the area selected much better than both concrete and dead sand varieties.  

* please schedule delivery at least 2 weeks before the

beach sand is needed at the destination *

Mason Sand/Beach Sand

Mason sand, is a common variety of sand used with stone masons to make mortar mix.  This variety of sand possesses much finer grains then the concrete sand does, leading to a better appearance for decorative jobs where the mix may be seen.  Mason sand is also used by some as a cheaper alternative to beach sand.  

Dead Sand/Pool Fines

Dead sand, commonly known as pool fines is used commonly in applications where a very soft, light sand is necessary.  This sand is commonly used in pipe bedding applications, or below pools, or for protection of more delicate areas that need an inexpensive yet adequate buffer from the ground.

C-33 Concrete/Septic Sand

C-33 Concrete/Septic Sand, commonly known as concrete sand, is used more towards construction applications and for the production of various products like patio and cinder blocks.  This variety of sand is also used to produce concrete and as traction control during the winter in colder temperatures.

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