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Fuel Surcharge Policy


This Fuel Surcharge Policy is established to address fluctuations in fuel prices and to ensure fair and transparent billing practices for our customers. The surcharge is directly tied to the East Coast On-Highway Diesel Average, as published by This policy outlines the conditions under which a fuel surcharge will be applied, adjusted, or eliminated.


Trigger Point:

The fuel surcharge will be activated when the East Coast On-Highway Diesel Average reaches or exceeds $4.00 per gallon.

Once the trigger point is met, a baseline surcharge of 1% will be applied to the total invoiced amount.

Incremental Adjustments:

For every additional $0.10 increase in the East Coast On-Highway Diesel Average, an additional 1% surcharge will be added to the total invoiced amount per load. This incremental adjustment is cumulative and will be calculated based on the average fuel cost each month.

Surcharge Elimination:

If the East Coast On-Highway Diesel Average falls below $4.00 per gallon, the fuel surcharge will be eliminated, and regular invoicing without a surcharge will resume.



Fuel surcharges will be updated each month and will be based on the previous month average and will be applied based on delivery or pickup date.


Thank you for your continued support and understanding

**Please note this charge will be added no matter the services or product purchases**

Fuel Surcharge for May - 1%

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