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Advantages of Buying Stone by the Pallet

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Buying stone in bulk has been the norm for landscape yards for years and years. Your team typically buys stone in bulk, and later packages it in bags to then give to your clients. There are many advantages to buying stone in bulk. Buying in bulk is great because you get more stone for your dollar, and it allows you to package the stone however you want.

However, the disadvantages of buying in bulk is the effort it takes to package as well as the mess it leaves behind. Often times your pile of bulk stone sits out on your lot and takes up space and is a pain to clean up.

That is why we started to offer stone by the pallet. There are many advantages to buying stone by the pallet. Below you can find our top 5 reasons why you should consider purchasing palletized stone.

1. Less Clean Up

By purchasing stone by the pallet, it comes pre-packages in a wire cage or super sack! It is easier to handle because there is no clean-up of stone like there would be with bulk products. The products are already measured out based on your needs and delivered directly to you for you to sell to your clients!

2. Get Exactly what you Paid For

Another advantage to buying stone by the pallet is knowing you are getting exactly what you are paying for. The stone is measured and hand-picked before it is packaged. You can be sure you are getting the same amount each time you buy! It gives assurance to both the customer purchasing from us as well as the end user and homeowner that they are getting exactly what they paid for and not giving away too much product.

3. Variety

When purchasing palletized stone, you are able to get multiple types of stone in one truckload! When ordering stone in bulk, you typically only get one type of stone in one delivery. Now, you are able to get multiple varieties to try without having to wait for separate deliveries!

4. Customization

Since you are able to order multiple varieties at once, customers can now order specialty stone directly! If there is a specialty stone your customer is looking for that you do not currently keep in your yard, you are able to order pallets of that specific stone for your customer! The best news, we deliver it to them for you with our new Moffett Service!

5. Easier Transportation

You can also bring the pallet of stone right to the area being used with any equipment that has forks and has a lift capacity of at least 2000 pounds. Pallets of stone can also be transported in the back of a pickup truck or large SUV!

Buying stone by the pallet is a great way to try out new varieties of stone with less mess. At DeFeo Materials we want to ensure buying stone is made easy! For more information on palletized products please contact us at

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