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The Style Series: Curbside Appeal on the Coast

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

house on water with landscape stone
Coastal Home

Recently, many of us have vacated our forever homes and retreated to our vacation homes on the coast! This pandemic has allowed us to enjoy the freedoms of working at home, no matter where that home is. As part of the style series, we wanted to highlight some new ways in which you can amplify your curbside appeal for your coastal homes


Creating a color pallet for your home is one of the first steps you can take to amplify your curb appeal. The most popular look on the coast is that light and bright feel. Many coastal homes are decorated with light stones, white furniture, and many types of plants and flowers for that pop of color. Our most popular stones found on the coast are Cape Cod River Rock, Lakeside River Rock, Bayside Skimmers and our White Marble Stone.

Cape Cod River Rock and Lakeside River Rock

Cape Cod River Rock is one of our most classic types of stone. It really brings in that New England Charm. Our 1” blend is perfect for any garden or pathway. Similar in look and texture is our Lakeside River Rock blends for a more outdoorsy lake house feel.

Bayside Skimmers

Our Bayside Skimmers give you that ocean look and feel. It can be most compared to the stones you'd find if you were to go swimming in the ocean. The difference between our stone and our competitors is our stone is much smoother in texture.

White Marble Stone

White stone is that classic coastal home feel. When searching for inspiration, many gardens and homes have white stone in their gardens, lining their homes, and more. White stone helps bring brightness into your garden by creating a contrast from the green plants.


When we talk about hardscaping, this refers to those elements built into your home landscape. For example, you may build a retaining wall, or driveways. One of the first things people notice about your home is your driveway. We have stone to give your driveway a coastal feel. Rock driveways are classic New England and bring a charm to your home. We have a variety of bulk crushed stone to give your home a beautiful and charming driveway.

Pavers are another great material for hardscaping. Pavers can be used as an edging for your driveway, walkway and gardens along your home. This draws attention to the eye because it adds multiple textures to your home.

Another appealing hardscape is the use of rock walls. Whether you are carving out a path to the ocean, or creating a retaining wall, we have the wall stone for you.


Creating an entranceway is another element that can really amplify your home's appeal. We offer many types of bulk decorative stone for any project.

One of the most common ways you can beautify your entrance way is by adding a stone walkway. These walkways are made with various types of flagstone and veneer. DeFeo Materials offers multiple shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your home’s needs. We offer these materials in bulk to ensure you have enough for any project.


Another simple way to amplify your coastal home is the use of plants and flowers. By creating a balance between annual and perennial plants you can ensure your home is decorated year-round. Some of our favorite coastal plants include hydrangeas, oriental grasses, evergreen shrubs, and Rosa Rugosas.

No matter where your coastal home is located DeFeo Materials has a stone that is right for you and your specific style!

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