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Use these river rocks as a less expensive option to the New England River Rock™ . We double wash the larger size stone after screening it at our gravel pit to ensure a high quality product. Create a beautiful outline of your pool or create the 

perfect entrance to your business.  This variety is the closest in color to the Delaware River rocks, as their colors and shapes are more similar.

-Discounted, Single Washed Sizes-

3/8" Lakeside

River Rock


1-2" Lakeside

River Rock

2-3" lakeside.jpg
3-5_ Lakeside River Rock zoom out.jpeg

3-5" Lakeside
River Rock™

The 3-5" Double Washed Lakeside River Rock™ is one of our most popular products. 
This is the most popular size in this variety of stone. The majority of this baseball sized decorative stone is used for commercial properties that are using river rock as a replacement for mulch.

We recommend using heavy equipment like a skid steer when spreading this river stone. 

Lakeside River Rock

Shell -Monroe, CT

Here is our 1-2" Lakeside River Rock being used at a Shell gas station in Monroe, CT

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