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Different Types of Wallstone

Finding good wall stone, also known as flagstone or thin veneer stone, is a very useful product to help you beautify your home. This type of thin stone can be used to decorate the exterior of a home or building, make a foundation look new, or even be used as kitchen backsplash tiles. There are several types of stone that could be used as flagstone that are available on the market. In this article, we will be discussing different types of wall stones that you can buy for your home now. These products are popular among many people because they offer strong structure and flexibility.

thin veneer wall stone

Types of Wall Stone

When we categorize the existing types of wall stone, we find out the two common categories all flagstone falls into. They are categorized as either hard wall stone or soft wall stone. Each category has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you should compare both products before you decide which is the best stone to buy for your property.

Hard Wall Stone

Hard wall stone is suitable for those who need a durable material for exterior construction. This wall stone can last for a long time, although it is exposed to extreme weather, such as rain, snow, wind, or any other extreme conditions. This hard thin veneer stone is strong enough to give support for your construction projects and improve the overall look. There are two common types of hard wall stone that are available to most people reading this. They are quartzite and granite.

Quartzite is a hard metamorphic rock that comes from the pure quartz stone. Regular sandstone can be converted into quartzite by using extreme heating and pressure. The individual quartz grains will recrystallize along with the cementing material for offering an interlocking mosaic of the quartz crystals. Therefore, this structure can increase the overall strength of this wall stone. This stone is commonly found in the Rocky Mountain Range and the New England state.

Granite is another popular type of hard flagstone that is available in the New England area. You can use granite stone for decorating your home, especially the outside part of your home. This wall stone has a unique granular design that can be visually appealing for most users. It is commonly composed of quartz, feldspar, amphiboles, and some other materials. This hardstone is suitable for you who want to find the best wall stone for your home. It has a strong structure that can last for a long time.

Soft Wall Stone

If you are looking for a flexible way to decorate your home, you can consider using soft wall stone. This stone is popular among many people because it can be cut easily. However, this type of flagstone will not last for a long time, especially when it is placed in cold environments. Limestone and sandstone are soft thin veneer products.

Limestone is one of the best alternative products for renovating your home. It is commonly found in huge blocks, so it is suitable for any large interior room. It is easy to cut limestone into pieces based on your needs due to its soft texture. Our product, DeFeo Materials Ice Blue, is a limestone that we carry. This product is commonly found in the state of Tennessee.

Sandstone is another popular soft wall stone that is amply available on the market. This stone allows you to create your walls easily. You can customize sandstone into any size or chunks depending on your project. It is a good idea to work with stone providers, so they can help you find the right size for your soft sandstone.

After you find the best wall stone for your project, you can contact us to get that stone to your property. We have several types of products that are made from high-quality materials. Our experts can recommend some of the best products for you depending on your needs. DeFeo Materials is the best place for those who are looking for a good wall stone for your next project. Contact us today!

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