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Ice Blue

Ice Blue is a truly unique gravel with some remarkable blends of marble and blue colors at an extremely affordable price. In fact, of all our decorative stone, we recommend this option to most businesses looking for something new and remarkable!

The more you gaze at this rock, the more stunning it becomes. Its glistening qualities become more profound in the sunlight, giving off a shine and sparkle. You can use this gravel along your home garden. Mixing it with flowers along the house or replace any mulch area to make your neighbors jealous! It’s also has a beautiful and professional presence in commercial islands. Don’t worry about where to acquire this stone, because we offer competitive pricing for Ice Blue Gravel!

A beautiful mix of blue and white limestone

3/4" Ice Blue


1-1/2" Ice Blue


Ice Blue is available

 in 3/4" and 1-1/2". 


We deliver this rock in bulk, directly from the quarry!

Here is our 1-1/2" Being used in a garden path.

Ice Blue Walkway.jpg
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