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Ice Blue

Ice Blue is a truly unique gravel with some remarkable blends of marble and blue colors at an extremely affordable price. In fact, of all our decorative stone, we recommend this option to most businesses looking for something new and remarkable!

The more you gaze at this rock, the more stunning it becomes. Its glistening qualities become more profound in the sunlight, giving off a shine and sparkle. You can use this gravel along your home garden. Mixing it with flowers along the house or replace any mulch area to make your neighbors jealous! It’s also has a beautiful and professional presence in commercial islands. Don’t worry about where to acquire this stone, because we offer competitive pricing for Ice Blue Gravel!

A beautiful mix of blue and white limestone

3/4" Ice Blue


1-1/2" Ice Blue


Ice Blue is available

 in 3/4" and 1-1/2". 


We deliver this rock in bulk, directly from the quarry!

Here is our 1-1/2" Being used in a garden path.

Ice Blue Walkway.jpg
  • What is Berkshire Blend?
    Berkshire Blend is a stone formed deep in the Berkshire mountains. It’s a decorative stone that comes in an array of colors. Between its striking colors and rounded shape, Berkshire Blend surpasses many other stones in visual appeal. It is one of our most sought-after decorative stones. This affordable stone can also be used for a variety of applications.
  • What are the benefits of using Berkshire Blend?
    One obvious benefit of Berkshire Blend is its visual appeal. This is a stunning stone guaranteed to elevate the look of any property. Additionally, Berkshire Blend can be used for a variety of applications such as driveways, walkways, patios, and gardens. All these benefits come at an affordable price too.
  • What sizes does Berkshire Blend come in?
    We offer Berkshire Blend in a variety of sizes. These sizes include: ¼”, ½”, ¾”, 1-¼”, and 1-3”. Our smallest sizes - ¼”, ½”, and ¾” - make up our pea size gravel which can be used for many different applications including driveways and walkways. Our bigger sizes are better suited for decorative purposes rather than areas with high foot traffic.
  • Can Berkshire Blend be used for landscaping projects?
    Berkshire Blend is an extremely popular option for residential landscaping projects along the east coast. Such projects include seating areas, patios, and sizing around gardens. Additional applications include dog runs, driveways, and walkways. Keep in mind certain landscaping projects call for a specific size of Berkshire Blend. In other words, pea-sized Berkshire Blend will be better suited for certain projects while medium-size blend will work better for others, and vice versa.
  • What is the difference between Berkshire Blend and other types of rock?
    What sets Berkshire Blend apart from the other rocks we sell is the range of colors it’s available in. The biggest advantage of this rock is its versatile look. Its vast array of colors includes earthy, muted tones and bold, striking shades. Because it comes in a variety of hues, it can complement a variety of properties / projects.
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