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Stone We Carry: Intro

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Mulch is a thing of the past. There are so many extra benefits provided to the homeowner when stone is used in lieu of mulch for decorative landscaping. Mulch still has its purpose as far as growing and maintaining plant life but when it comes to decorative features, stone is more cost and time-efficient over the years. In this article, we are going to discuss the best decorative landscaping stone that you can use on your property. This stone can improve the overall look of your property or garden significantly. We have most of the decorative stone types that are popular in the landscape industry today. These decorative stones are known just by name because they each have a beautiful unique look and design. They come in various shapes and colors, so you can use them for improving the overall look of your garden.

Some Decorative Stones that We Have for You

New England River Rock

New England River Rock is the most popular decorative stone that we carry. Our landscape river rocks are famous because they have a unique multicolor design. If you are looking for the best multi-colored round stones on the market, you can take a look at this stone here. This stone is suitable for those who want to replace any boring brown and gray color stones on your landscape. Black and pink are the two most common colors that you may find in this river rock. You will be amazed by the beauty of these natural stones and how they improve the overall look of your outdoor area.

Lakeside River Rocks

We have several types of sizes we offer our Lakeside River Rocks in that are available for all customers, including 3/8” lakeside river rocks, 3/4” lakeside river rocks, and also 1 – 2” lakeside river rocks. Different shapes and sizes of rocks can improve the overall look of your garden. For comfortable walk ways we suggest the 1-2” and for a more compact area like a driveway the ¾” perform great! You can select the best Lakeside River Rocks that are suitable for your needs at our online store. These Lakeside River Rocks are less expensive than many other popular rocks, such as the New England River Rocks so they may be a great option if your project is on a budget. We double wash our stones, so we can ensure high-quality products from our supply yard to your backyard.

Cape Cod River Rock

These Cape Cod River Rocks are suitable for those who want to portray that historical Boston Harbor atmosphere on your property. These river rocks are commonly found on the gravel banks, near the Cape Cod Bay. We screen and wash all river rocks during the warm months of the year, in order to deliver the best quality of Cape Cod River Rocks to our customers and supply yards. We offer two types of Cape Cod river rocks, including 1” Cape Cod river rocks and 2-3” Cape Cod River Rocks.

White Marble Stone

We have some of the whitest white marble stones you have ever seen here at This White Stone is a very common material and one of our most frequently inquired about products. This marble stone is commonly used in and around walkways, pools, and driveways. You can use these white marble stones for any of your landscaping needs. White stones are popular among many people because they can offer beautiful appearance and elegance to any properties. They are also easy to clean! If you are looking for the best decorative stone for your property, you can consider using the white marble stones in your garden today.

Liberty Pink

Liberty Pink is a local rock in Connecticut that is growing in popularity. This material is used at the base of the most important attractions in our country, the Statue of Liberty. You can use these rocks for brightening your driveways, pathways, and walkways. Many property owners love using these Liberty pink rocks for improving the overall look of their parking lots, gardens, and any other areas on their properties. Our popular size of the Liberty Pink rock is ranging from 3/4” and 3/8”.

There are many other decorative stones that we provide for all customers and you can see the full list here. You can choose the best stone that is suitable for your property or give us a call and we can make a professional recommendation. Our experts can help you choose the best products that can improve the overall look of your garden and outdoor area. All of our decorative stones are washed so you can be confident you won’t see any filler products when the stone gets to your property. Call us today for the best decorative stone prices on the east coast.

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