List of Quarries in New York

Do you live in the New York area and you are looking for the best marble, rock, sand, and any other types of natural stones? You can take a look at this article now for a list of quarries in your area.

Some of these quarries are well-known as the best natural stone producers on the market today. Many people write good testimonials about these quarries that are available in New York.

If you don’t want to go around calling every quarry in the state to find the exact product you need, call us here at DeFeo Materials. We make the process simple as we source the best selling stone from around the State of New York and bring it all to a one stop shop location. Enjoy!

DeFeo Materials is not associated with any of the following quarries

1. The Dolomite Group

It is one of the most popular quarries in the New York area. It is a leading supplier of crushed stone, gravel, and sand. This company is located in the Greater Rochester Area and the Southern Tier.

2. LL Huff CO, inc

It is locally owned and operated by local entrepreneurs from New York. This company has already been operating in this stone industry for more than 50 years. It has a lot of sand and gravel materials for supporting your commercial projects or small landscaping projects. Some popular products from this company include Dolomite stone.

3. J&A Sand and Gravel

This is another popular quarry that is available in the New York area. This is a family-owned company that is ready to provide a lot of useful materials for your projects, for example, septic sand, crushed stone, sand, crusher run, screened stone, topsoil, gravel, and some other popular materials for your projects.

4. Rafferty Sand and Gravel

At this pit, you can fine superior gravel products, sand, dust, soil, and also decorative stones. It is located in the North Country of New York. They also updates its collections regularly, so you can get the latest items from this company at any time you want.

5. Adirondack Natural Stone

It is one of the most popular quarries in the New York area. It is owned by Andre Hagadorn and his family. The vision of this company is to provide the best product and service quality for all customers around the New York area.

6. Champlain Stone

This quarry is very well-known for its wide variety of stones. Some popular products from this quarry are building stone, dimensional stone, landscaping stone, wall stones, etc. This company has been operating in the New York area since 1982.

There you have it, our shortlist of New York quarries that we will add to for years to come. If you want a one stop shop instead of bouncing from quarry to quarry and dealing with their limited hours and product, contact us here at DeFeo Materials and speak with one of our friendly landscape design experts.

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