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Materials We Provide for Sports Complexes

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Are you looking for the best materials for private or municipal sports complexes? There are a lot of materials that we can offer to our customers for a wide range of applications in and around sports fields. If you don’t know how to choose the best products for your needs, you can always call us and talk with one of our representatives who will be happy to help.

This blog is for helping you choose the best products for your sports field needs, we will share some of our products on this page. All of these products are made from the best materials available which will make them very durable for long time use.

Popular Products in Our Store

Infield Mix

This is one of the most popular products that you can find at DeFeo Materials. We offer this product for constructing baseball or softball fields or any size. Our infield mix is made from a combination of clay, silt, and sand which are all standard materials that will give a consistent roll on all ground balls. We also add some additives & conditioners to the mix, so we can ensure that this product is suitable for your needs.

When you order this product, we will help you find the right composition for your field and work with your grounds crew to make sure application is done correctly. We have many professional experts on our staff who can help you calculate the overall needs of this infield mix. Generally, the depth of the infield mix in your baseball or softball field will be about 5 inches. The total depth of this infield mix will also determine the total budget you are going to spend on building your field.

Variety of Sands for Track and Field, Long Jump, and Golf Course Bunkers

Many people visit our website when they want to buy any products for their track and field facilities, golf course bunkers, or long jump pits. You should compare all the available products that we can provide for any of your facilities before construction or planning.

The sandpit for the long jump should have at least 0.3 meters of depth at its minimum level. It may be slightly deeper at the center part of this sandpit. The pit will also have a good drainage system for flowing out the excess water from the pit. There are some important features that are available in our sand, for example, high infiltration rate, resistance to compaction, and also great penetrometer rate. All of these features will allow you to upgrade your regular sandpit into a world-class sandpit for your long jump event.

Our store also has some products that are good for golf course bunkers. We are going to provide several types of sand, for example, fine sand, medium sand, coarse sand, gravel, silt, clay, etc. All of these materials can be used to build a good golf course bunker. One example of sand that can be used on the golf course bunkers is silica sand.

Mulch and Stone

When you are planning to make your sports complex look beautiful, you can take a look at our other products. Mulch is very versatile due to its production process. It has many different colors that can be used to decorate any sports complex. Mulch can also be used to enhance the beauty of healthy lawns, especially when this mulch can be combined with the stone, brick, stucco, and any other materials of your home.

We also have several types of stones that we can provide for all customers. Our categories include premium stones, crushed stones, palletized river stones, etc. Our popular product is crushed stone. Our crushed colored blend has multiple sizes ranging from ⅜ inches to 2 inches. If you want to decorate your baseball or softball field, you can consider using crushed stone for offering the best experience for all users. Our experts can give you some recommendations on how you can improve the overall look of your sports complex.

Get the Best Materials for Your Sport Complexes

There are many other products that we can offer for our customers at DeFeo Materials. If you want to know all the available products from us, you can always call us for asking about our available products. Improving the overall look of your sports complexes should never have to be more than a phone call away.

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