List of Quarries in Connecticut

Here at DeFeo Materials, we source the best quarries for the highest quality stone and bring it all together to offer you a wide range of stone types, shapes, and colors. When you see beautiful decorative river rock in a landscape you may not be thinking of how this stone was discovered, blasted, and transported. These quarries are where that all begins.

DeFeo Materials is not associated with any of the following quarries

1. Stony Creek Quarry

This is the first and possibly most well known quarry on our list. Some popular products that you can find from this quarry include finished slabs, finished tiles, blocks, aggregates, and granite. Stony Creek granite was first quarried in 1858.

2. Brownstone Quarries of Portland

These are the quarries that built New York and Boston. Several products are offered from this region, for example cutting stone, paving wall tile, and also regular tiles. Yale University’s Sterling Memorial Library, completed in 1930, was a rare brownstone project of this era.

3. Renz Quarry

This quarry is located in Salem, Connecticut. Several stone products are offered by this company, for example, medium rip rap, crusher run, common fill, reclaimed asphalt, reclaimed brick, millings, screen sand, stone dust, bedding sand, etc.

4. Quarries Along Route 8

These quarries run along the Naugatuck River and have several types of products that are suitable for many building applications, for example, crushed grey stone, processed aggregate, screened sand, mason sand, concrete sand, clean fill, silt fill, and common fill can all be found here.

5. O&G Quarries

O&G has about 6 quarries that are located in Connecticut. This company offers several types of products, for example, crushed stone, processed stone, sand, gravel, and any other products, such as large surge stone, crusher run, screenings, ball rock, etc.

6. Quarries of New Haven

New Haven has many areas that have been quarried to support the construction industry that was in the area long ago. Quarries like East Rock, Pine Rock Quarry, and Blakeslee Quarry all produced brownstone and granite that helped this area once thrive.

There you have it, our shortlist of Connecticut quarries that we will add to for years to come. If you want a one stop shop instead of bouncing from quarry to quarry and dealing with their limited hours and product, contact us here at DeFeo Materials and speak with one of our friendly landscape design experts.

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