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Aerial View of our Trans-load Yard

Moving Materials
Since 2016

Wholesale Distributor

It's been a long journey to move this much decorative stone while not sacrificing quality. Click the link below to see an in-depth timeline! 

Our Mission

Providing Uninterrupted High-Quality Products to Our Valued Customers

We Live By Our Values​

1.High Quality Product

Product quality earns our customer's loyalty, helps establish brand recognition, and manages costs. Our customers often buy in advance because they know the stone they are about to receive. This can reduce costs for our vendors that result from product returns, defects, and losses through product quality control

2.Quick Fulfillment Time


This gives our vendors a competitive edge. Quick fulfillment time can differentiate between success and failure in today's fast-paced business landscape.

3. Simple Process

Simple processes remove unnecessary steps, making workflows more efficient. When tasks are straightforward, they get completed faster, allowing for higher productivity.


Our Leadership

The management team at DeFeo Materials is meticulously organized, emphasizing robust communication, seamless coordination, and effective decision-making. 

Committed to delivering the resources and expertise typical of a large corporation, DeFeo Materials maintains a personalized approach and meticulous attention to detail reminiscent of a small, dedicated firm.


As a company, we operate completely differently than any other aggregate supplier in the industry. We make improvements that customers and vendors see immediately when they start working with us.

- Christopher DeFeo,

President of DeFeo Materials

Meet Our Leadership!

Image 12-19-23 at 3.47 PM (1).jpg

President of DeFeo Materials

Image 12-19-23 at 3.48 PM.jpg

Vice President of DeFeo Materials

Image 12-19-23 at 3.47 PM.jpg

Director of Business Development 

North East Sales Manager

Image 12-19-23 at 3.47 PM (3).jpg

Field Supervisor

Image 12-19-23 at 3.47 PM (4).jpg

Southeast Sales Manager 

Image 12-19-23 at 3.47 PM (2).jpg

Director of Finance and Accounting

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