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How to Use Landscape Boulders

Landscape boulders have been increasing in popularity over the last few years. Landscape boulders look more natural than other types of stones, and really help you to build out your property. Many of us are decorating our outdoor spaces with beautiful plants and flowers and adding natural stone elements really help to make your space pop.

Below you can find our top 3 uses for landscape boulders on your property.

1. Welcome Signs and Entrances

One of our favorite uses for landscape boulders are welcome entrances at your home or business. You will see many properties put their street number, company name, or even logos engraved on the side of these landscape boulders. These stones fit beautifully in any area and gives a more natural touch to your property. Traditional signs are seen everywhere and in utilizing a boulder you can stand out from your neighbors!

1. Create Retaining Walls

Another way we love to use landscape boulders is to build retaining walls around your home or garden. It can act as a pathway to an outdoor pond or river. They can also be used to path our stairs to an outdoor patio. Retaining walls can be used to separate different elevations of your landscape and can even be useful for drainage and retention. These stones can add dimensions to your property that you may have been lacking before. Check out our slideshow below for all our favorite design scapes!

1. Add Decorative Elements to your Garden

Often times we line our gardens with decorative gravel, but another way you can really add depth and dimension to your garden is by using a landscape boulder. Landscape boulders look naturally occurring and may make your garden look effortless. When placing your boulder into the ground make sure you dig at least 2 inches in order to keep it in its place. To learn more about how to select and place your boulder check out this article. Don't forget to check out our slideshow below for more decorative elements we love around our gardens!

No matter how you use landscape boulders we guarantee it will add a beautiful touch to your property. With varieties of shapes, colors and sizes the possibilities are endless for your specific taste and design needs. For more inspiration check out HGTV’s photo album for more!

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