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Alabama Brown Gravel

Brown Gravel is a beautiful semi-round stone. It is great for those looking for something similar in color to the Tennessee River Rock. Since it is a rounded stone it looks beautiful around all types of landscaping projects. We offer this in 3 different sizes.

One of its most common uses is landscaping. Because of its rounded edges, brown gravel can be used for walkways, driveways, and gardens. Its smooth surface makes this rock easy to walk on. And the smooth texture of brown gravel is aesthetically more pleasing to the eye. Brown gravel is also popular in flower beds when mulch or cover plants aren’t a good option. It can also be used as an aggregate for pavement, ready-mix concrete, and other construction applications.

3/7" Brown Gravel

3/8" (#7)

#5 Brown Gravel

3/4"-1" (#5)

1-2" Brown Gravel

1-2" (#4)

3/8" Brown Gravel

3/8" or #7s

This pea gravel is perfect for pathways, driveways, dog parks and more!Small brown gravel stones are commonly used for landscaping. For pea-size gravel, it’s important to have set edges and boundaries. Because of its small size, it quickly spreads out unless it has a clear edge.

1-2" Brown Gravel


Our most popular option is the 1-2" or #4s. This size is great for any project. Whether you are using for flowerbeds, outside your business, or around pools and patios you can't go wrong with this size. Bigger brown gravel stones are typically used for decorative and aesthetic purposes. Because of its size, it’s not as comfortable to walk on as small gravel stones.

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