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Trends for 2023 - Replacing Mulch with Decorative Gravels

We're coming to the close of another great year and we hope you all had as much fun as we did! We enjoyed serving our old customers and meeting the new ones who came aboard! Our employees worked their tails off making sure that every load and order was filled with quality and focus that's come to be expected of us. So hats off to everyone here!

Since our focus is always on the road ahead here at DeFeo Materials, let's start by talking about something that is becoming a bigger trend this year- replacing garden mulch with decorative stone alternatives.

It's not something that occurs to many homeowners. Everyone is used to the same springtime routine, right? Dig out that gross, soggy, flattened and moldy mulch with the hope that just a little may be salvageable (and most times it's not). But what if you could save that time and aggravation and have a longer lasting, better looking replacement instead? That's where DeFeo Materials can help!

New England River Rock is a very attractive stone for all types of landscaping uses. Backfilling walls, garden fills and even French drains are just a few examples of how the pinks, blues, greens and purples of how our river stone can help a home or business really pop and cut down on maintenance!

Another option is slate. Slate is your typical replacement for mulch. At DeFeo Materials our slate comes in a beautiful red or black option. It looks great around pools and patios, curb fills in parking lots or against commercial buildings. It's great as a walkway in crushed form and certainly has the right color and texture to replace mulch. And once the slate gets a little moisture on it? Well the colors just explode! What we really love about it is how it doesn't fade. I mean, after all it's shale that has been exposed to incredible heat and pressure for thousands to millions of years - Those colors aren't going anywhere! So that late summer blah look that your mulch will inevitably get? Kiss it goodbye for good! The slate will never break down and will really catch everyone in the neighborhoods attention.

Or perhaps maybe something a little different is more your style - check out our White Mountain Granite. It's mostly white with enough dark streaks and veins throughout that it would really be an eye catching change to mulch around your water feature or patio. It's durable, won't fade and would bring anywhere it's placed to life.

So consider this as a little insight into how you can diversify your selection to your customers or change the way you landscape for an alternative that everyone will enjoy. And as always your friends here at DeFeo Materials are here to help answer your questions! Contact us today for more information and pricing!

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