Palletized Stone

Our products are also available to you in pallets or cages. We have a variety of different stone we can offer you. You will find our most popular blends below.


Pallets can be shipped directly to your business. They are also available for pickup. 

Our pallets are available in 1.5 ton cages. 

Now Offering 1.5 Ton Pallets!

More stone for a lower price!

Most Popular Products 

3-5 hudson 3.jpeg

3-5" Hudson Valley Rounds

3-5" Canadian Pink

3-5" New England River Rock™

1-3" New England River Rock™

5-10" New England River Skippers 

1-3" Berkshire River Rock

3_8_ New England River Rock™.jpg
3/8” supersack only
3/4” supersack only
1-3” Basket
3-5” Basket
5-8” Basket

New England River Skippers

3-5” Basket
5-10” Basket

Berkshire River Rock

1-3” Basket
3-6” Basket

Canadian Pink River Rock

3-5” Basket
5-10” Basket
2-3” Basket

Landscape Boulders are also available by the pallet.


Advantages of Buying Palletized Stone

There are many advantages to buying stone by the pallet.

  • It is easier to handle because there is no clean up of stone like there would be with bulk products.


  • You can also bring the pallet of stone right to the area being used with any equipment that has forks and has a lift capacity of at least 2000 pounds

  • You can also transport them on a flatbed trailer or in the back of a pick up truck.

  • You are able to purchase an assortment of different stone varieties on one truckload instead of only getting one type on a truckload. 

  • You know exactly how much product is on each pallet, which gives assurance to both the customer purchasing from us as well as the end user and homeowner that they are getting exactly what they paid for and not giving away too much product.