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Stone We Carry: Continued

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

As we talked about in our previous article, “Stone We Carry: Intro”, we discussed some popular decorative landscape stones for your home that we currently have in stock. Since we published that article, many people have asked us about the rest of the stone we have available. Because of this reason, we created this follow up article to giving you more information about even more of our stone products. You will enjoy your experience and the final product when using any of these decorative stones in your property.

Berkshire Blend

This is another very popular decorative rock that we provide for our customers. This decorative stone has a striking and colorful design that is very attractive to many people. This rock is formed deep inside its namesake, the Berkshire Mountain Range. We quarry and wash this decorative stone, so you can enjoy clean and beautiful product for a classic neutral look.

This stone is a mix of some popular colors, for example white, tan, yellow, pink, gray, black, and red. This stone option is suitable for all landscapers because of its availability and affordable rate.

Bayside Skimmers

Many people are looking for Bayside Skimmers from our yard recently. These stones have a similar appearance to what many call “Ocean Pebbles”. They have a sand-colored design with caramel and tan color. Your house will stand out when you use any size stones from this category.

This decorative stone is popular in any property type, such as water features, commercial gardens, residential gardens, driveways, and parking lots. We specially take these Bayside Skimmers from the coastlines of the Mid-Atlantic states and bring them to our yard. These rocks are famous for their beach-front look and can bring that summertime feeling to any property. These stones range from 3/4 inches to 2 inches in size.

Boston Purple

Boston is a historic city that plays an important role in American history. This city was a hotbed during the American Revolution and the American Revolutionary War period. Since then, the city has become one of the most popular cities in the United States and we wanted to honor its history with a stone in its name. This purple crushed stone is derived from the Boston area and is a unique look you will have a tough time replicating anywhere.

Boston Purple comes in many sizes, for example 3/8 inches, 3/4 inches, and 1-2 inches. You can determine the right stone size based on your needs in your property. Call one of our staff members today for a consultation!


This is another popular stone that we carry for our customers and supply yards. This stone is made by crushing and filtering large deposits of slate from our quarry partners. Slate is a popular resource that is commonly used as the best alternative to mulch. This stone will never deteriorate or blow away during the fall and spring season.

The red slate can be considered as a reliable substitute for the red mulch. Slate is pretty famous among many people because it is available at a very affordable price. Its durability can allow you to use this stone for a long time without having to replace this stone annually. There are there main colors that we offer in our company, red slate, green slate, and black slate.

Ice Blue

If you want to find a unique decorative landscape stone for your property, you can take a look at this stone. Ice Blue is a unique gravel that comes with remarkable blends of blue and marble colors. This stone is available at a very affordable price. We deliver this stone in bulk because we send it directly to you from the quarry.

We frequently recommend this stone to business owners because it can offer a new and remarkable look for any property. Its glistening qualities can create shine and sparkle appearance under the sunshine. It is a good idea to mix this stone with flowers along with your house, so you can improve the overall look of your property.

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